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Women, Farms & Food Mission Statement

We strive to empower women in agriculture to achieve goals and manage risk through education, networking and technology.

Our purpose

Women face unique challenges growing viable businesses in farming and ranching. They often are not taken as seriously as men when seeking loans and insurance, may feel unwelcome at predominantly men’s farming meetings, and often need off-farm income which requires working during the day and farming on evenings and weekends. This statewide program for women involved in agriculture, will provide risk-management and financial management education, and guidance in mitigating problems in running their businesses.

Why a gender-specific program?

Women learn differently than men: they like connecting with other women farmers and enjoy sharing resources. Their situations differ from those of men since they generally have responsibilities with children and their availability for classes is more limited. The number of women in agriculture grows every year — women are natural nurturers and are interested in providing the foods that people want and need.